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Wing Chun Martial Arts: Principles & Techniques by Yip Chun and Danny Connor.

Readers comments: A must for anyone who practices Wing Chun. Written by the man who should know, the son of Grandmaster Yip Man. This book lays to rest misguided notions of secrecy and mysticism and explains Wing Chun for what it is and what it can be. A must for instructors and students alike.This is a must for any martial student who wants to complete their knowledge of Wing Chun.


Wing Chun by Grandmaster Ip Chun & Michael Tse




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    Wing Chun Kung Fu by J Yimm Lee

Readers comments. Awesome book for total beginners. However, there are some little "somethings" missing, like more examoples of actual combat. If you are into Wing Chun, get this book FIRST. Then get another book to pair with this. The book is jam packed with pictures.

When I started to practice Wing Chun, I started with this book. It's easy to understand and you don't need to know anything about Kung Fu before you start.

Secret Techniques of Wing Chun Volume 1 by J Weakland.

Secret Techniques of Wing Chun Volume 2

Secret Techniques of Wing Chun Volume 3


Advanced Wing Chun by William Chueng

Readers Comments: An in-depth look at Wing Chun and a text for those who are interested in this Chinese martial art. Cheung meticulously breaks down the second form of the Wing Chun system , Chum Kil, and then moves on to cover many chi sao (sticky hands) exercises. Also covered are methods of footwork, & applications of the Chum Kil form in actual combat. This book is fantastic for Wing Chun students, or for those who have a slight background in the martial arts looking to expand their knowledge.


Wing Chun Kung Fu: Fighting & Grappling (Martial Arts Library) Volume 2 by Joseph Wayne Smith

A readers review: Dr Smith in this book goes into chi gerk. He also brings up the interesting subject of how Wing Chun can be improved. He proposes an integration of Muay thai, White crane (pak hok kuen), and Wing Chun. This new "style" would be called Sun Tzu Kuen. He also demonstrates Chi sao.


Wing Chun Kung Fu: Basic Forms and Principles (Chinese Martial Arts Library) Volume 2 by Joseph Wayne Smith.

A readers review: Dr Smith is a controversial figure in the Wing Chun world. Nevertheless, his book brings up some interesting points. I would not rate this book high on the level of instruction however. He touches upon all three levels of Wing Chun in this book.


Wing Chun Kung Fu: Basic Forms & Principles (Chinese Martial Arts Library) Volume 1 by Joseph Wayne Smith.

A readers review: This is probably one of the best books around for any martial artist, regardless of style. Nothing but cold hard facts of fighting are given from both styles in this book. I recommend not only to those who would benefit the most from it (Wing Chun devotees) but also practitioners of other arts. It's a great book. This book does an incredible job of directly comparing the applications of JKD and Wing Chun through a great integration of text & photo's.

Breaking Power of Wing Chun by Austin Goh




Why Wing Chun Works by Alan Gibson

Simple Thinking: Intelligent Fighters - Why Wing Chun Works (Summersdale Martial Arts)
by Alan Gibson

The Wing Chun Forms: Combat Textbooks (Why Wing Chun Works 3)
by Alan Gibson

Yaen Kay-San Wing Chun Kuen by Rene Ritchie

Readers comments: Included are the legends, historical accounts, body structures, concepts and the foundation of the art - the sup yee sik & siu lien tao forms and their practical applications. For beginners it serves as a great introduction to Wing Chun; for the seasoned practitioner, it offers a new and unique perspective into the art.

Wing Chun Bil Jee Deadly Art of Thrusting Fingers by W Cheung

Readers comments: I thought this book was definately a ten. I loved it. I put all of its information to use. Another reason was that William Cheung is my sifu's sifu, so I read all of his books!



Wing Chun Kung Fu: Weapons & Advanced Techniques (Chinese Martial Arts Library) Volume 3 by Joseph Wayne Smith.




The Path to Wing Chun by Samuel Kwok





The The Tau of Gung Fu: A study in the Way of Chinese Martial Arts. (Bruce Lee Library Vol 2) by Bruce Lee, John Little, John R Little.

Readers comments: Bruce Lee's philosophy shines in this book. Mr Little has done the world of philosophy a big favour by compiling Bruce Lee's thoughts in this volume. A great martial artist makes philosophy key to every movement in his or her art, and Bruce Lee is able to clearly lay the foundation for understanding kung-fu principles. This is a must for any martial arts library!



Wing Chun: Traditional Chinese Kung Fu for Self-Defence and Health by Ip Chun & Michael Tse

Path to Wing Chun by Samuel Kwok

Pah Chum Do of Wing Chun by Sifu Dunn Wah

Complete Wing Chun by Robert Chu & Rene Ritchie

Advanced Wing Chun Kung Fu by Dunn Wah

116 Wing Tsun Dummy Techniques by Chun Yip, Ting Leung & Richard Lee

Wing Chun Chi Sau/Bui Chee by Sunny Tang

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