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Brindleys' drainage tunnels at Wet Earth.

An explorers guide to the central colliery area.

More tunnels of the Irwell Valley at Clifton

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Wet Earth Scrapbook. A downloadable book for printing. (PDF format)

The Exploration of Wet Earth & Diary of Exploration Volume 1 Two more downloadable books for printing (PDF Format). The "Diary of Exploration Volume 1" is superb and is essential reading for all interested in Wet Earth Colliery.

The above two books have been combined into one volume and are now on sale as a black & white printed book and can be obtained direct from the printer at www.lulu.com


Is Brindleys wheelchamber not Brindley's!!

Bits and pieces in the Irwell Valley at Clifton.

Photographs of Old Clifton, Ringley, Pilkingtons

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