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This web site was started many years ago (I think it was in 2000) in an attempt to provide general information to anyone researching the TUDGE surname especially within the UK. Over the years the information available on the site has slowly grown. The time has now come for me to move on to other projects so as from January 2007 this site will NOT be added to. It will remain on the Internet for the forseeable future as a resource for other researchers but it will NOT be ammended nor will any new material be placed on it. My thanks to all those who have helped with this project. *** See new book below!

For many years I have been researching my family tree. I've managed to get back to the 1790's with various branches of my family, but all the time I kept going off into different directions and wandering this and that way in the family tree. I soon realised that I must concentrateon one branch! I'm sure many of you know exactly what I mean.

Slowly but surely, more and more information kept on turning up. When I put my family tree on to the Internet, by far the largest number of e-mails received concerned the TUDGE family. This finally decided me that this was the section of the family to specialise in. As a result of the number of Tudge enquiries, and in these days of the Web, it seems common sense to put any Tudge info I come up with, on to the Internet. This site is the result of both my research and the information sent to me by many others.

I do NOT intend to start a "one-name-study" of the TUDGE family but I will try to accumulate any Tudge information I can obtain from anywhere in the world, in an attempt to link some of this info together, and make it available to all. I am however just an ordinary bloke who has a home, a job and a family to look after so please bear in mind that any research I do into the TUDGE family is merely a hobby, not some over-riding passion that I just can't get enough of ! By all means e-mail me, but please don't scream if you don't get an immediate reply.

New book just published (April 2008) by Dave Lane ... "Index of Tudge Births, Deaths & Marriages in the UK records office" price £7.99. Click on the picture for further details. This book is "Printed on demand" so could take about 2 weeks to arrive at a UK address. If you are researching Tudges in the UK from 1837 onwards this book will save you hours of research.

As I accumulate Tudge information I'll try to enter the known details into both my Family Tree Maker program (for my own personal family information) or into my Master Genealogist program (where I store any Tudge info I have, even if the people are as yet unconnected). My current Master Genealogist GENCOM file (for importing into your own genealogy program) is on the Internet here. It currently contains hundreds of Tudges. I'll try to keep the Internet GENCOM file updated but no promises!

Eventually I'm attempting to put ALL the Tudge entries on the UK GRO Births and Marriages onto the Internet, but this may take some time - and money!

PLEASE let me have ANY Tudge info you may have so I can add it to the site for all to share.

I'll do my best to help. I DO occasionally make mistakes - but I always admit it when I get things wrong.

Best Wishes to everyone .......... Dave Lane

Anyone using any of the information listed below should bear in mind that the details given, may not be totally accurate. Most of the Tudge details have been taken from microfilm and microfiches of the original handwriting of the the registrars/census takers etc. It is easy to transcribe wrongly due to the state of the records and the writing. At times it is not even possible to differentiate between a Tudge, a Fudge, a Tudor etc. You should always do checks yourself on the original documents to ensure you have the correct information. The lists below should be used as a GUIDE in your researches. Best of luck! ................... Dave Lane


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Latest information on the Tudge Family History Site


Tudge Census information 1841-1891 -from Jeff & Anita Tudge. (Very big file 1.2Mb - in Web browser format)


Tudge UK births in the UK GRO Index from 1837-1918 (850k) (info from Jeff & Anita Tudge & Dave Lane)

Tudge UK births in the UK GRO Index from 1919-1958. For this information see the entry for 16.2.01 on the "Latest News" page.

Tudge Baptisms in Lancashire 1850-1928. (info from Jeff & Anita Tudge)


Tudge marriages in the UK GRO Index from 1837 to 1976 (info from Jeff & Anita Tudge & Dave Lane - all typed by Jeff and Anita)


Tudge deaths in UK GRO Indexes from 1837-1945 (info from Jeff & Anita Tudge)

Tudge entries in the SSDI (death index) - courtesy of Doug Warren


The following files are in .PDF format and you will need an "Acrobat Reader" program to read them. You can obtain Acrobat Reader free from HERE. Jeff has put masses of information into these files and will try to keep them updated. When you first open the files you will need to "Zoom In" to enlarge the print.

Tudge Births 1837-1918

Tudge Marriages 1750-1976.

Tudge Deaths 1837-1945.

Tudge Census info 1841-1891


Origins of the Tudge name and other info.

Miscellaneous Tudge info from the GRO Indexes 1838- 1898 (compiled by Dave Lane )

Tudge arrivals into Canada by ship 1925-1935 - courtesy of Doug Warren

Tudges living in Manitoba, Canada in 1901.

The TUDGE Surname Community on

The Tudge Surname Message Board on Family

The "Tudge" GEDCOM file. This file contains both my own complete family tree, plus any info I have about other Tudges. (last updated on 29.1.01). This file can be imported into most family history software so you can browse it's contents.

Tudges in Walkden, Farnworth, Aspull and Little Hulton, Lancashire, UK (pdf file produced by Jeff Tudge)

Decendents of James Tudge born abt 1828 (courtesy of Doug Warren)

A Tudge Luddite (1812)



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