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Northern Soul music is now available non-stop, 24 hours a day, on "Northern Soul Radio" on the Live365 streaming audio radio server at

If you're interested in Northern Soul music ............. or even if you've always wondered what the hype is all about ...... then the opportunity is here where you can listen to non-stop Northern Soul tracks and make up your own mind whether you like it or not! Northern Soul Radio went "on the air" on the Internet, late in 2000 and it's available for YOU to listen to, 24 hours a day on the Live 365 Radio Station Server. You can listen to it anytime, at home or even in the office!

To listen to the station, you should first download the Live 365 Player - it takes only a minute or so, and it takes up very little disk space. Although you may already have other music players on your computer which you can use to listen to "Northern Soul Radio", the Live 365 player is specially tailored to over 35,000 radio stations currently transmitting via the Live 365 radio site. The 365 player does not interfere with, nor does it alter any existing player you may have on your computer. Well worth uploading to listen to the Northern Soul material which will be available!

If you DO "tune in" to Northern Soul Radio, make sure you click the "Rate this broadcast" box ............ go on, be a devil ............. give it 5 stars!!!!

You can log on to Northern Soul Radio here.

The current playlist on Northern Soul Radio is a massive nine hours - yup, over 9 hours of non stop Northern Soul music - and during that time, you'll never hear a record repeated! Promise! - unless I've made a mistake and loaded the same track twice!

Different "playlists" will be put on the station from time to time - although occasionally I may switch the total track collection to "random play", in which case even I don't know the order that records will be played!. Although at present all music in the "playlist" is played automatically, I do have the facility of broadcasting "live" if necessary or if the mood takes me!

Please let other Northern Soul enthusiasts know that the station exists ......................... and enjoy the music.





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