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Broadcasting 24 hours a day on Live 365.

"Probably the best non stop selection of Love Songs and Sentimental music that you will ever hear"

"By far the best radio station in the world for Love Songs"

"Love Songs Radio makes what could a stressful day into a beautiful day. Thanks"

"Fantastic station. However many years I listen for, it always sounds good. It's the "Musak" station here at work with over a hundred guys and gals as devoted listeners".


"Love Songs Radio" has now been "on the air" for almost 10 years and is an Internet Radio station broadcasting on the Live 365 Radio server 24 hours a day. The station is unashamedly playing sentimental tracks and Love Songs 24 hours a day, all day and every day 365 days a year. Apart from station maintenence periods, the station has broadcast continuously for 10 years - and although there have been many immitators WE are still here with the BEST in Love Songs all day every day.

LATEST .... In addition to the normal "LOVE SONGS RADIO" there is now a broadband version of the station called "LOVE SONGS RADIO STEREO". This NEW station can be found HERE.

There are currently about 66,000 listeners a month to the LOVE SONGS RADIO stations .............. that's over three quarters of a million listeners a year!

Currently playing on Love Songs Radio


Currently playing on Love Songs Radio Stereo


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You can VOTE live on the station for your favourite tracks or give the "thumbs down" on your most hated records! We delete the least liked records from the playlist every few days. It's YOU, the listener, who chooses the records we play!

To tune in to "Love Songs Radio" just click HERE .............. OR ............. HERE to listen to "Love Songs Radio Stereo" in full FM quality STEREO

Click here to see a SAMPLE Playlist.

OR LISTEN HERE >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 




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