The Rivington "cup and ring" boulder.


In September 1999 a boulder with carved markings was discovered near the Lower Rivington Reservoir at Horwich. The markings were clearly of the "cup and ring" variety. Rocks with these markings have been discovered in many areas of the UK, although the bulk of them seem to occur in Yorkshire, Scotland and a few in Derbyshire.


They are thought to date from between 4,000 to 5,000 years ago putting them into the Neolithic or Bronze Age time frame. The purpose of these markings is not known but they are usually found in the vicinity of burial sites or near to places of suspected religious significance. They usually occur in high moorland areas (which were probably heavily forested in Neolithic times) but there are numerous sites in Yorkshire where they lie in low lying areas - I have found several in river valleys in Yorkshire.





At the time of writing, (October 1999) the stone is on the grass outside Anderton Hall Conference Centre at Horwich. It is hoped that the stone will soon be moved to somewhere more accessible by the public, such as the Rivington Information Centre. It should NOT be moved to Bolton Museum where it will probably eventually be put into "storage" like many of the other Neolithic finds in the area!

Keep your eyes peeled. YOU may find the next Neolithic object in the Rivington area!


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