The underground canals at Worsley have long been of interest to large numbers of people who are interested in coal mines, canals or anything underground! The Worsley Underground Canals cover all these topics and much more. The only visible sign of the canal is the two entrance tunnels at the Delph at Worsley although over 40 miles of underground canal still lies beneath the surface. This Web site will attempt to give you a brief overview of the underground canal, and will try to answer some of the commonly asked questions that people usually ask.

The aerial view on the left shows the village of Worsley which lies a few miles to the West of Manchester. The canal running through the village is stained orange due to the iron oxide in it which comes out of the canal tunnels from the underground mines. The tunnel entrances are at the extreme bottom left hand corner of the picture.

If you are interested in finding out more about the underground system, by far the best authoritative book or booklet on the subject is "The Canal Duke's Collieries" by Glen Atkinson. This publication was updated in 1998 and its 72 pages are well worth the price of £4.25. It is obtainable at Amazon Books - click Amazon advert at the bottom of the page.



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