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Daves Books currently in print:
"The Salt Enthusiasts' Scrapbook"

"Mars Exploration Rover "OPPORTUNITY" Vol 2 2005-2006
"Mars Exploration Rover "OPPORTUNITY", Vol 1 2003-2004"
"Astley Green Colliery"
"Winter Hill Scrapbook"
"Pit Brow Lasses"
"Isn't religion weird? Quotations for Atheists"
"Carboniferous Fossils of Winter Hill & surrounding areas"
"Photographic Catalogue of Ursa Major using the Sloan Digital Telescope"
"Wet Earth Colliery - the complete guide"
"Wet Earth Colliery - Photographic Memories Volume 1"
"Index of Tudge births, deaths and marriages in the UK Records Office"

"The Geology of the Scafell Caldera"
Not on general Sale.
"Catalogue of Space Objects Vol 1" ..... 3 further volumes are also available.
"Photographic Catalogue of Deep Space Objects in Canes Venetici. Vol 1, the NGC Objects"
"International documents on Israel and Palestine 1915 to 2008"
"Swinton Precinct Youth Club 1979-1982" A collection of Photographs
"Altricham Ice Rink Vol 1 2008-9" A collection of Photos"
"Altrincham Ice Rink Vol 2 Jan -May 2010".
"Altrincham Ice Rink Vol 3 Jun- Dec 2010.
"Mount Etna - eruption history & latest research" -
Not on General Sale
"Jules Verne ESA Automated Transport Vehicle to the ISS 2008"
"Volcano's of the World" 5 Volumes - details in Full List below

ALL the books HERE.

Dave's NW UK Weather Page

Daves Guide to the Worlds English Language Newspapers.

Dave's Astronomical Photo's ....... using the University of Bradford Robotic telescope on Tenerife.

Astley Green Colliery.


NASA's Mars Exploration Rover "Opportunity.

Fred Dibnah - Some personal photographic memories.


Deep Sky Objects in Canes Venetici ... Free book with photo's of deep sky objects in the constellation of Canes Venetici taken on the Bradford Robotic Telescope... yet another one of Daves Free and totally pointless books! PDF format.


Carboniferous    Fossils of Winter Hill .....Yet another free book about an obcure subject!    Available in book format HERE.
"Pit Brow Lasses Scrapbook." A FREE book for download about women and girls working on the surface at Lancashire Coal Mines ........ or you can BUY it from HERE:

Daves "Winter Hill Scrapbook" FREE book for download - a bound paperback version is available from lulu.com!

Dave's Spinning Page ....... What!........................... a MAN spinning!!!

Dave's Martial Arts Bookshop .... for books on Wing Chun, Judo, Taekwondo, Aikido, Karate and Kendo

Daves Satellite Picure site - photo's received via my weather satellite ground station.


Dave's "North Cheshire Guild of Spinners, Weavers & Dyers" Page 

Dave's Guide to Wet Earth Colliery, Clifton, Nr Manchester, UK   FREE WET EARTH BOOKS NOW ON THIS SITE.

Dave's Guide to growing BAMBOO in Northern England! Do they REALLY grow there! 

Your World. A closer look at what's going on around the Globe.

Dave's Guide to growing EXOTIC PLANTS in Northern England . 


Dave's Guide to the Duke of Bridgewater's Underground Canal at Worsley, Nr Manchester, UK

Pictures of "Old" Worsley, near Manchester

Dave's Guide to the Tunnels & Mines of Winter Hill, near Bolton UK

Dave's Guide to collecting Pit checks.

Daves Astronomy Book "Photographic Catalogue of Deep Sky Objects in the Canes Venatici Constellation". Free but it's 22mB in size!

The Telescope Shop ....... for anyone even THINKING of buying a telescope.

Internet Radio Station "Love Songs Radio"

Station details HERE

Currently playing on Love Songs Radio


Internet Radio Station "Northern Soul Radio"

Station details HERE

Currently playing on Northern Soul Radio

Dave's Northern Soul CD Store. The place to buy your NS CD's! 

Dave's Sand Collecting Page ............... I kid you not .............. collecting SAND!

Daves Space Index

The Wordwide Space & Astronomy Bookshop. For all purchases of astronomy books and telescopes.

The Rivington "cup and ring" Neolithic boulder find at Rivington, Bolton,


Are our nearest living relatives living on one of Jupiters Moons? One of Dave's astronomy "research" papers!

Fred Dibnah .... a web site to purchase books and DVD's about this remarkable man.

Wing Chun Kung Fu Book Store

Tudge Family Web Page For anyone interested in the surname "Tudge".

Political and religious articles (some in PDF format)
The relationship between religion, democracy & Human Rights
The Palestinians - were they driven out or did they leave of their own accord?
The Palestinian Broadcasts! Did they even exist?

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